The Highest Quality of Skin Care

At Revive Cosmetic, we use only the highest grade medical skin care products. All product lines are available for purchase in-store. Speak with one of our skincare consultants to determine what is most appropriate for your unique features.

Give Your Loved Ones a Gift Card

Unwrap the joy of beauty as your loved ones explore personalized skincare and rejuvenating treatments. A perfect present for radiance and confidence in every swipe and smile.


At Vivier, we go beyond conventional skincare, recognizing that top-notch skincare entails a fusion of cutting-edge science, innovative pharma-grade ingredients, and meticulous testing for unparalleled effectiveness. Each Vivier product is meticulously crafted and adheres to the utmost standards, embodying our commitment to deliver on the pledge of “The Beauty of Results.” Our mission is to embolden individuals to achieve their optimal look and feel their best.

ZO Skin Health

At ZO Skin Health, we champion the transformative influence of science on skin health. Driven by the legacy of acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, we redefine medical-grade skincare through innovation, advanced technologies, and product education. ZO offers holistic solutions for achieving and sustaining healthy skin, catering to diverse needs irrespective of age, ethnicity, or skin type. Whether correcting sun damage and pigmentation or preventing and protecting against future issues, ZO ensures comprehensive care for your skin health.


SkinMedica, Pioneering advanced skincare, our formulations, crafted with top scientists, deliver transformative results. Precision-crafted products enhance skin resilience, addressing fine lines and environmental stressors. Embrace skincare brilliance with SkinMedica for confidence and radiant results.


SkinCeuticals, Leading the way in advanced skincare, our formulations, crafted with top scientists, offer transformative results. Pioneering antioxidants and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients enhance skin resilience. Whether tackling fine lines or environmental stressors, our precise solutions empower confidence, embodying the synergy of science and skincare excellence.